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About (Profile) From Hatton Cross tube station, the British Airways staff shuttle Park & Ride (P&R) runs every 10 minutes from 07.03 until 09.43 with a journey time of 16 minutes to Waterside. The BA1 staff shuttle runs every 30 minutes throughout the day from 06.02 with a journey time of 23 minutes.

From Heathrow Terminal 5 stations, staff shuttles BA1 (destination Vanguard House) and BA5 run every 715 minutes throughout the day from 06.07 with a journey time of 5 minutes.

From Staines railway station, the British Airways staff shuttle bus BA2 leaves at 07.35 and then every 30 minutes until 09.35 with a journey time of 15 minutes.

If you intend to use the staff shuttle buses, it is essential that you print off your bus letter, which will be sent with your interview confirmation e-mail after you have made your assessment booking. You must show these documents to the bus driver as failure to do so will prevent you from using this service.


Parking is very limited and is reserved only for those with mobility issues.


It is possible to arrange to be dropped off at Waterside either by private car or taxi.

NOTE: We are unable to reimburse your travel expenses.

Further details on the location of your assessment will be provided in your invitation email.

If you have any other queries please email:

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