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interview tips

Following are the range of things that the employers want to see in a potential candidate.

  • The candidate qualifications: Are the qualifications genuine and adequate?

  • Alleged experience: The employer want to verify and make sure the candidate got the alleged experience.

  • Something outside the CV: What the candidate has left out of the CV that might be relevant?

  • Behavior in a team: The employer is very interested to know how you will behave within a team.. Be a team player not a team leader if you are applying for a job where the role is to be a player most of the time.

  • Assertive: Employer want to see your confidence and enthusiasm during the interview.

  • Intelligence: Employers want to see how intelligent you are.

  • Motivation skills: Can the candidate motivate people. This quality is highly tested when you are applying for Sales and Marketing role.

  • Leadership and Development Skills: The employer will try to find and make sure you got Leadership and Development Skills.

  • Decision Making: The employer want to see if your logic sound and you can make good decisions.

  • Emotional Stability - The employer tries to test you and make sure you are emotionally stable. This may be some sort of disturbing questions or make you angry to see your body language.

  • Verbal Communication: The employer will test by discussing different scenarios or ask some sort of irrelevant questions just to test your verbal communication. The most common question is in the very beginning of inter e.g. “Please tell me something about yourself”

  • In writing Communication - The employer test the candidate for written communication as well. This process starts sometimes by email before the interview happens or during / after the interview to check your writing skills in general.

  • Quality of communication: The employer checks the quality of communication in term of language, professionalism in writing and enough communication to clearly cover the conversation.

  • Listening Skills: This is very important point and the employer is always very interested to hire a good listener. (please refer to our other articles of listening skills during the interview at

  • Reliability: The employer is very interested curious to find how reliable the candidate is because several jobs like finance, information technology etc. need people who can be trusted.

  • Honesty: The employer will give high score to the honesty of the employee. Honesty is one of the key to successful business. Honest staff is very productive and the employer enjoys his business without the fear of any discrepancies, fraud, loss of assets etc.

  • Time Management: Ideal employee is the one who has time management skills and this is also an important quality which the employee will look into you.

  • Fitness: Are they fit? This is what the employee will verify in term of health, habits and age.

  • Previous Improvements: The employer also want to make sure you have a good record and have always improved yourself in the past. Your CV job description is a good evidence of your improvement where you were on a junior position in the beginning but now on a good position. Your short training courses will add here as well. Employees who have always tried to improve their qualification, knowledge and experience are most right candidates and most of them are winners in the interview.

  • Stress Management: Another quality of a good employee is stress management. Your employer will also check how you can cope with stress.

  • Reliable Memory: You may be surprised why some employer is asking everything about your previous jobs etc. while he has your CV in hand. This all is to make sure you have a good memory. Some questions will be thrown on you more than once to make sure you remember what you answer before.



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